New Zealand is a global leader for dairy and beef production

Africa represents a large untapped opportunity

with significant growth potential.|

DBGS brings together New Zealand technology with strong local expertise
to develop the African dairy and beef industries.

Our Vision

Dairy & Beef Global Solutions (DBGS) is focused on the acquisition and development of a portfolio of best-in-class dairy and beef farms across key Sub-Saharan Africa (“SSA”) countries to address the substantial, unmet market demand for large quantities of reliable, locally produced, good quality raw milk and meat.
DairySolutionz (DSL), a global leader in dairy & beef farming technology with a successful track record at exporting New Zealand best in class technology to tropical climates, is a founding member of DBGS. DBGS shall facilitate transformative investment into the Sector, building its competitive advantage on the DSL technological/biological platforms. Through replicating and scaling DSL’s successful developing market model, DBGS shall establish a platform to locally produce milk and meat of New Zealand/European quality at competitive prices. The strategy shall deliver superior financial returns and significant growth potential. Our projects will be beneficial to local communities as we will create jobs, invest in the communities, and as skill transfer and local management training is at the core of our approach.

The African Opportunity

Continental Scale

Continental Scale

2nd largest continent in the world, with a land mass of 30.3 million km².


2nd most populous continent in the world with 922 million residents.
Growing Demand

Growing Demand

Demand for milk and meat is growing across the continent. Projections show an increase of more than 50% in liquid dairy consumption, growing from 15 billion ltrs in 2010 to almost 25 billion ltrs in 20201 and an increase of 29% in bovine meat consumption.
Headroom for Growth in Consumption

Headroom for Growth in Consumption

African consumption is currently the world’s lowest: Approx. 37 ltrs of milk and 11kg of meat per capita annually, which is less than 1/3 of global averages. Beef accounts for 33% of meat consumption.
The Need for Technology

The Need for Technology

In some SSA countries, cows produce below 200 ltrs of milk per year, compared to over 12,500 ltrs in developed countries. The cause of these abysmal results is generally the low application of technology.
Strong Impetus for Local Development

Strong Impetus for Local Development

Key SSA countries are prioritizing the development of local dairy and beef industries to drive import substitution and create local employment:
– Local producers receive high local pricing (often much higher than the international price) & are protected with tariffs;
– In some countries, concessionary debt financing is availed to support investments in the local dairy and beef industry.

Our Capabilities

DBGS has been established by a group of professionals and senior executives with an excellent track record in dairy & beef farming, investments, marketing and with strong experience in both developing and developed markets.
DBGS has a unique advantage in that it has a depth of dairy & beef operational and technical experience at its disposal through DSL in addition to investment expertise and local connections. The proprietary farming technology that DBGS shall deploy is based on adapting and transferring New Zealand’s low cost, pastoral-based farming systems and has already been beneficially implemented under tropical climates around the world.
DSL,a founding member of DBGS, has been able to execute and deliver several best-in-class projects globally using this technology. These projects/models have proven superior yields & reduced operating costs without compromising quality.

DBGS shall deploy this expertise on a large scale:

Pasture Genetics & Management

Pasture Genetics & Management:

DSL has detailed knowledge of establishment, management & harvesting a large variety of grass species. DSL has recorded up to 10% milk yield improvement primarily from applying improved pastures, improved pasture management and more accurate use of fertilizer in Ecuador. Replacement of expensive concentrates with quality pasture also lowers costs.

Kiwipole Proprietary Technology

“Kiwipole” Proprietary Technology:

The Kiwipole is a world leading tropical dairy breed developed by DSL to achieve high heat tolerance & productivity whilst circumventing temperament, lactation and fertility issues. Kiwipole shall give DBGS significant cost advantage without compromising on quality.

FarmBuilder Proprietary Technology

“FarmBuilder” Proprietary Technology:

FarmBuilder is a globally unique, DSL developed farm and herd improvement software package. The software’s eight modules (Benchmarking/Farm KPI’s, Soil Benchmarking, Plant Benchmarking, Farm Master Data, Livestock, Herd Performance, Operating Toolkit and Farm Technical Support) ensure standardization and optimal performance across DBGS operations.

DBGS is domiciled in New Zealand, the epicenter of high tech Dairy and Beef R&D and shall benefit directly from the experience and IP of DBGS’ founding members.

Our Team

30-year African experience in managerial positions for The Coca-Cola Company across Africa

Lionel Marumahoko

Chief Executive Officer

Entrepreneur with strong experience in Marketing, Agriculture and Emerging Markets

Mark Wright

Non-Executive Chairman

CEO of Dairy Solutionz (NZ) Limited, a company leading the way in the global adaptation of NZ pasture based systems

Derek Fairweather


Professional investor managing his own capital with emphasis on emerging markets. CFA Charterholder

Guillaume Gingembre

Chief Financial Officer

Owner/operator of top 2% performing dairy farms in terms of solids per cow in New Zealand and Australia

Paul Bardoul

Non-Executive Director



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